Bay Ave Sushi


Black Pepper Tuna Roll $14
- Spicy tuna roll topped with thinly sliced seared black pepper tuna, scallions and yuzu sauce.

Walu Jalapeno Roll $14
- Spicy walu, avocado  and crunchy inside, topped with thinly sliced walu, jalapenos and wasabi sauce.

Special Salmon Roll $15
- Spicy salmon avocado roll, topped with thinly sliced salmon, seaweed salad and  different colored caviars.

White and Red Tuna Roll $14
- Spicy white tuna jalapeno roll, topped with chopped spicy tuna and crunchies.

Fantasy Roll $14
- Salmon, tuna, white tuna, avocado, cucumber and crunchies, rolled with white seaweed paper.

Old Bay Blue Crab Roll $15
- Lump crab meat with Old Bay seasoning, spicy mayo, topped with sweet potato crunchies.

Green Dragon Roll $14
- Spicy lump blue crab roll, topped with thinly sliced avocado and spicy mayo.

Yellowtail Jalapeno Roll $15
- Spicy tuna roll topped with yellowtail, jalapenos and yuzu sauce.

Sunomono Cucumber Roll $12
- Any kind of fish, and avocado, wrapped with cucumber with ponzu sauce.

Bay Roll $12
- Tuna wrapped with avocado and topped with spicy mayo.

Godzilla Roll $10
- Spicy tuna, asparagus, and avocado in seaweed, then fried on the outside with sauce.

Three Color Roll $15
- Shrimp tempura and cream cheese inside, topped with different colored caviars.

Volcano Roll $12
- Spicy crab and eel avocado inside, topped with sweet potato crunchies, spicy mayo, and eel sauce.

Salmon Tempura Roll $14
- Salmon tempura roll inside, topped with thinly sliced fresh salmon and spicy mayo.

Tuna Tartar (app) $12
- Chopped spicy tuna with ponzu sauce, scallions, and fish eggs on top.

Shrimp Purses (app 5) $7
- Deep fried shrimp dumplings with sauce.

Spring Rolls (app 2) $4